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Jim Dougan and Paul Shepherd
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Prices do not include HST.  Payment in full is due upon receipt of goods and only by cash, or cheque payable to “Grand Moraine Growers”. Bulk orders only (minimum 2 flats). Orders must be arranged at least 48 hours in advance of pick-up. Delivery by special arrangement only (see Availability List); .  We reserve the right to limit quantities.  A 15% service charge applies on orders not picked up within 30 days. Cancelled orders over 2 flats will result in a 10% re-stocking charge. Customers with approved accounts must pay balance within 30 days after receiving plant material; 2% monthly service charge applied on overdue accounts.     



Every effort has been made to confirm the identity, health, characteristics of and specifications for each species listed on this Website and we will make every effort to replace these items with those of equal or greater value failing this commitment. We consistently track the specific origin of our seed and stock sources. All species listed are nursery propagated unless salvaged with permission from sites slated for plant demolition.  The medicinal or edible properties of certain species listed are for information purposes only and Grand Moraine Growers makes no claim to their authenticity.  We reserve the right to limit quantities. Please note that all species listed may not be available at all times during the growing season. We regret that we cannot guarantee any plant material to survive the transplant as conditions for survival are beyond our control. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Grand Moraine Growers, its proprietors, staff and associates are limited in maximum liability to the full amount paid to Grand Moraine Growers for plant materials under all circumstances regardless of the cause, nature or extent of the loss.  Grand Moraine Growers does not sell, trade or give out its mailing list.



Bulk Order customers are requested to provide at least 48 hours notice in advance of picking up orders. Minimum order is 2 flats. A non-refundable holding deposit of 15% applied to advance orders not picked up within 30 days. Plant species and quantity are subject to availability. We sell only the items listed in our current catalogue and do not sell not seeds, soil amendments or other general garden supplies. Please see additional information regarding Terms and Conditions of Sale, Guarantees, etc. above. Delivery by special arrangement only - see Availability List. We do not accept orders from outside of southern Ontario Canada.

We will gladly accept our own plastic pots and trays for recycling. However we cannot accept containers of other growers that are not compatible with our production system. You are encouraged to return those to the grower that provided the pots. When you visit us, we request that you keep your children attended to at all times and kindly leave your dog at home.